31 May

For this weeks 2017 Spring/summer style insert, we have put together a playful sexy look for those summer evenings; that is when it is feeling like summer and not like early autumn in the U.K. It appears that the jumpsuit/playsuit doesn’t seem to be going out of style any time soon. As proven by the Royal Ascot which is renowned for being an up-class fashion forward affair. They have announced the welcoming of jumpsuit this year on their approved dress code guide, yet of course with rule that the jumpsuit should be full length.

According to organisers ““Fashion and style are an important part of the Royal Ascot experience for all of our customers. The annual Style Guide forms a key part of our support for customers to give them inspiration for what to wear to ensure they have a special occasion with us. The inclusion of jumpsuits as part of the Royal Enclosure dress code recognises our customers’ fashion-forward taste and reflects our awareness of seasonal trends.”

In that regard the selected playsuit wouldn’t quite make the appropriate list to the Royal Ascot but would meet the approval, everywhere else!

Here is a stocklist of where you can pick up the pieces:

The Black playsuit is £29 and available online at TOPSHOP.COM

These simple rose gold heels are available at a great price of £20 from CHARLOTTERUSSE

The cleverly matched clutch is £27 and is available from:  TARGET.COM

Lastly the New Limited edition Rose Gold colour choker is available now at £20 from NZURIBOUTIQUE get yours now whilst stocks last.


Remember our accessories are designed to reflect the Nzuri in you



  1. So glad Ascot have added this to their approved dress code as I will be going this year : )

    The rose gold necklace sets it off perfectly and is something you could wear with casual or dressy stuff

    Love it

    Efia May 31, 2017 Reply
  2. Perfect outfit for a summer evening date 🙂

    Chinelo June 2, 2017 Reply

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